Liquid HCG diet side effects

The Liquid HCG diet is one of diet method that is now being trend in America. This diet method uses the HCG hormone for weight loss. This method is considered very good for losing weight in a fast. There have been many testimonials from people who claim to be able to lose weight by using Liquid HCG.

Liquid HCG Liquid HCG

But it turns out, the use of HCG Liquid has many side effects. Here are some side effects that could arise due to use of Liquid HCG :

Reducing excessive appetite
This is very dangerous for your body, because basically, a good diet is not to reduce appetite, but to control the nutrients the food we eat.

Leg and hand cramps easily
This happens because when you use Liquid HCG, you will lack a lot of potassium, but this can be overcome by taking supplements of potassium which can be found at the nearest pharmacy.

Excessive weight loss
You must be really careful in using HCG Liquit, because Liquit HCG can Loosing your weight excessively when not used as a guide and the correct dose.

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Most of the people of the people of USA and European country are using the HCG diet because of its fast and good results.

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