Liquid HCG Diet Reviews

The Liquid HCG Diet is another option for those seeking to use the HCG hormone for weight loss. The Liquid HCG Diet offers guaranteed weight loss results or you can get your money back. You choose how long you need to be on the program and order the product according to your time frame.

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The HCG is in the form of liquid drops instead of the standard daily injection of HCG. You can lose between 25 and 40 pounds in a month according to the plan. You must follow the diet and drop instructions exactly or you could gain weight rapidly. The Liquid HCG Diet uses the HCG hormone to help you reshape your body, avoid sagging, curb your appetite and build lean muscle mass.

The Liquid HCG Diet also states that because you are maintaining lean muscle mass, you are less likely to gain the weight back that you’ve lost. The Liquid HCG Diet includes the drops and a booklet explaining the diet so you’ll have everything you need to get started. The diet typically includes eating 500 calories each day and taking the drops before meals. Such a low calorie intake is the major reason you lose weight so quickly on the Liquid HCG Diet. The drops are supposed to keep your hunger at bay and force your body to use stored fat to function since it is receiving so little food each day.

Pro :
  • Drops instead of daily injections
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Comes with informational booklet
  • Several testimonials from people who have lost weight with the Liquid HCG Diet
Con :
  • All forms of the HCG Diet are highly controversial
  • No clinical studies done on how many people are able to keep weight off
  • Losing such large amounts of weight so quickly can be unsafe
  • Consuming 500 calories per day puts the body into starvation mode

Final Reviews :

Although many people are desperate to lose weight, HCG diets are highly controversial and many doctors will tell you this is the wrong way to try and meet your goals. A diet that is so restrictive and low in calories can be very hard on your body and your mind. Many of the elements of this diet involve literally starving yourself to take the weight off. There are much safer ways to lose weight than the Liquid HCG Diet. Through a healthy reduced calorie diet, you may find that your results are slower, but healthier in the long run.

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Hello all,

The hCG Diet is a very controversial weight loss method.The hCG diet is a new and upcoming diet that is showing up everywhere. It is a fast way to lose weight if you follow the very strict guidelines. This diet has been proven successful for most but may not be for everyone.Thanks for sharing more and more...

hCG Diet Reviews

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The hCG Diet is a very controversial weight loss method.The hCG diet is a new and upcoming diet that is showing up everywhere.
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