Sensa Weight Loss Reviews

Sensa Weight Loss Reviews | Sensa is one method to lose weight, how it works? is very simple, make your diet, without feeling as though you're on a diet.

Sensa is a powder food made from maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, silica, and flavorsof. You can sprinkle it on your food just like salt or sugar you sprinkle on your food.

And after you eat, you will feel what is called sensory-specific satiety, which is the state where you will always feel full. This is because the ingredients contained in Sensa can affect your brain sensors to continue to feel full.

whit this way, Sensa is able to control excessive appetite so it is perfect for diet lovers with a big appetite to continue their diet without feeling miserable.

However, even though it looks nice and sophisticated, Sensa is still not getting a lot of recommendations from the experts, this is due to the lack of scientific evidence on Sensa and lack of diet and fitness guides to accompany the product makes experts not guarantee and recommend this product.

"This is not a magic bullet. There is no magic sprinkle. This isn’t even a diet," says diet and fitness expert, Pamela Peeke, MD. "It oversimplifies the complex physiology and psychology associated with appetite."

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